Lean Muscle Tone in Women Is The Key to Healthy Weight Management

Lean Muscle Tone in Women Is The Key to Healthy Weight Management

lean muscle tone for womenIt is safe to say that women want to be fit and healthy.  It is also safe to assume that when women want to be fit and healthy, they are thinking about losing weight.

Most women exercise to lose weight. They also change their eating habits and they change their diet in order to lose weight. However, most women who set the goal of losing weight are often frustrated because it often involves a lot of self-deprivation and so they always feel hungry.  They are also frustrated that no matter how much they exercise, they are not losing the fat in their hips, legs, and abdominal area.

What most women do not realize is that they are doing a lot of cardio workouts which strengthens their heart and heightens their endurance and stamina.  But, they do not do strength training.  Strength training involves exercises that provide resistance by using your own body weight or by using free weights, such as, dumbbells or even weight machines.

The reason why most women do not do strength training and weight lifting exercises is that they are afraid of looking more buff the toned than their fathers, brothers, boyfriends or husbands – they do not want to bulk up and look like a beefcake the size of the Hulk or Hulk Hogan.  However, what most women do not realize is that being fit does not only involve losing weight, it also means developing lean muscle instead of fat tissue.

The danger of looking like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger is not realistic.  For one, women do not produce enough testosterone to develop muscles in that same way or size.  For another, women would need to eat a whole lot of protein-rich food in order to grow muscles that big and probably live in the gym in order to grow anywhere near the size of the bodybuilder ladies that do exist in the world. Women will simply not develop their muscles the same way.

On the other hand, developing muscles and toning the muscles you already possess are necessary to do work: we haul groceries from the shopping cart to the trunk and from the trunk to the kitchen counter.

We carry our babies and often and we have to carry around a briefcase at work.  We often carry hampers full of dirty laundry from the upstairs bedroom to the basement laundry room.  Then, when these clothes are all dry and folded, we haul them back up to the bedroom. Without strong muscles women cannot accomplish all this and more, therefore, training in order to gain strength in our muscles is necessary to live an active life.

Also, by developing lean muscles, we use up the stored fat.  When we starve ourselves just to stay trim and slim, our brain signals our body to store sugar and water as fat because our bodies think that we are experiencing a famine.  It efficiently stores these so that it can use it later and so our bodies are in a survival mode.

But when we do strength training, the muscle fibers often develop small microscopic tears.  This signals the brain to send protein to those torn parts and repair them.  What happens is that the fibers are bulked up.  In order to bulk it up, the body mobilizes the fat it has stored.

This results in ongoing fat burning even when the body and metabolism is at rest, which, means that building lean muscle tone promotes weight loss and fat burning.

If you have ever visited a gym you will see many women performing muscle toning exercises. They use the machines and free weights just like men, but, in different styles with lower weight, and fewer reps.

And, if you were to hire a personal trainer to help you get started on the road to fitness he or she would prescribe a fitness plan that included cardio and strength training muscle toning workouts by default because they understand the importance of not only doing cardio and aerobic regimens but, also how important it is to build lean muscle mass for a strong, tone and ultra-fit body.

So, truly, strength training, when coupled with a sensible diet and cardiovascular aerobic exercise can help strengthen and tone muscles by triggering the utilization of fat stores.

Start the road to health fitness and get to toning today!


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